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I will take you through the Stars

   This is the first book written by ‘The Traveller’.  It is about her real adventures through life.  It will make you look deeply within yourself and your own experience of life as you compare yours with hers.  It may open your eyes and ears to things you never knew existed in our world, not just the supernatural but also the extent of the utter poverty and deprivation of peoples and races by the oppression of the rich and powerful.
    With over ¾ of our world in utter poverty, starving to death (United Nation figures) and ¼ of the world with ¾ of the world’s resources it is time for humanity to wake up from greed and complacency.

   This book will bring the reader face to face with themselves and in so doing can also realise the fact of the ONENESS of all life. 
   That we are all interconnected as drops of water from the same ocean.

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Esoteric, spiritual and philosophical books wrapped up in fantasy, ready to be unravelled like an ancient puzzle    


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