Assistance with funding

Company Development Work:

  • Assisting with Administration and Management
  • Assisting with Policies and Procedures
  • Assisting with Risk Assessment
  • Assisting with Business Planning
  • Assisting with Research
  • Assisting with Funding
I have worked in the commuinty sector for over 20 years and have a very good understanding of funding methodolgy and the real needs of those that are helped.
Part of the above is formed by talking to all the people that use your services and finding out what the real needs are and what you then need to provide.
Funding bids are written from the heart and take into account the heart of the community that you may serve.  Successs rates are high but cannot be promised.

If you are a non-profit business or charity that needs help with fuding please contact us.  A business check will be caried out on your company before any agreement can be reached or assistance given.  We also work on a first come first served basis. - more information can be sent should we be interested in further working together .

  Weekly Words of Wisdom:

"We should have enough for our needs, 
but not our greeds"

                        Sai Baba

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