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There are several incarnations of this group firstly The Universal Link, then  Universal World Harmony and the final incarnation Universal World Harmony through Service.

Enclosed is a back log of newsletters that Goliath Publishing was responsible for, while some of the items will undoubtedly be out of date and addresses and people may have passed on, some of the positive messages within still stand the test of time.  For this reason they are enclosed.

Please pick and mix - it is not intended that you believe everything you read enclosed but that you gain something positive from within, something that unites us all as brothers and sisters.

Catalogue of Newsletters
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UWHTS 1 Sept 93   UWHTS 10 May 95    UWHTS 19 Jan 97  
UWHTS 2 Jan 94   UWHTS 11 Jul  95     UWHTS 20 May 97  
 UWHTS 3 Mar 94 UWHTS 12 Sep 95  UWHTS 21 Sep 97  
UWHTS 4 May 94 UWHTS 13 Nov 95  UWHTS 22 Jan 98  
UWHTS 5 Jul 94     UWHTS 14 Jan 96  UWHTS 23 Mar 98  
UWHTS 6 Sep 94  UWHTS 15 May 96 
UWHTS 7 Nov 94  UWHTS 16 Jul 96 
UWHTS 8 Jan 95   UWHTS 17 Sep 96 
UWHTS 9 Mar  95  UWHTS 18 Nov 96 

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